Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa” 66(1): 159-164, doi: 10.3897/travaux.66.e103945
Notes on the systematic position and distribution of Mycomya supernivea (Diptera, Mycetophilidae) in Japan
expand article infoLevente-Péter Kolcsár
‡ Ehime University, Matsuyama, Japan
Open Access
Mycomya supernivea Nakamura and Saigusa, 2020 is a recently described large-sized cold-adapted fungus gnat species known from the island of Hokkaido and the northern part of Honshu in Japan. This study reports the species for the first time from Shikoku Island and the central part of Honshu, indicating that the species is more widely distributed throughout the Japanese islands. Additionally, the systematic position of M. supernivae within the genus Mycomya is discussed, and it is placed under the subgenus Mycomya s. str. within the species group M. matrona.
First records, winter active, cold-adapted, Eastern Palearctic