Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa” 62(1): 81-86, doi: 10.3897/travaux.62.e38484
Eriogaster catax (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) – first record in Muntenia (southern Romania)
expand article infoMaximilian Teodorescu, Mihai Stănescu§
‡ Unaffiliated, Măgurele, Romania§ “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History, Bucharest, Romania
Open Access
Eriogaster catax is a highly threatened species listed on the Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive and on the Annex II of the Bern Convention. In Romania, up till now, it was reported only from Banat, Crișana, Satu Mare county, Transylvania and southern Dobruja. A male attracted by a light trap installed near Olteni, Dâmbovița county, in mid-October 2018, has scored the first record of this species in Muntenia. Afterwards, larvae have been found in the same place, confirming the first, adult-based finding.
threatened species, faunistic note, first record, distribution