Travaux du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle “Grigore Antipa” 65(2): 81-86, doi: 10.3897/travaux.65.e98562
Preliminary investigations of the main Flavescence dorée vector Scaphoideus titanus and its first record in Kosovo
expand article infoGazmend Gjinovci, Bekri Xhemali, Betim Bresilla, Shpend Shahini§, Nesim Morina|, Tasim Bajrami|
‡ Kosovo Institute of Agriculture, Pejë, Kosovo§ Agricultural University of Tirana, Tiranë, Albania| Department of Vineyards and Wine, Rahovec, Kosovo
Open Access

Scaphoideus titanus Ball is a major pest of grapevine in Europe, being the main vector of Flavescence dorée phytoplasma (FDp). The North American grapevine leafhopper was identified in neighboring countries, however, the FDp vector was not recorded and there is no available data on its presence in Kosovo. In 2021, initial investigations were conducted and field surveys were carried out in the region of Rahovec in order to evaluate the presence of S. titanus in Kosovarian vineyards. The survey was established in seventeen vineyards in different locations and grapevine varieties. In the middle of June, in each vineyard chosen for investigation were settled yellow sticky traps for surveying and sampling of leafhoppers. All plantations were subjected to fungicide treatment and no insecticide treatment was applied for S. titanus. The captures on the yellow sticky traps indicated that the North American grapevine leafhopper was present in Kosovo. Its population was different in investigated vineyards. Of the seventeen vineyards monitored, in twelve of them was captured the FDp vector, two sticky traps were damaged, and in three vineyards was not captured any specimen of Scaphoideus titanus. An average, of two up to forty-nine specimens of S. titanus per trap were collected over the surveyed period from the beginning of June until the end of September 2021. These results show only the distribution of S. titanus in the surveyed area. Furthermore, the presence of the North American grapevine leafhopper in Kosovo is an alert for urgent phytosanitary control of the quarantine phytoplasma Flavescence dorée (FD).

FDp vector, Scaphoideus titanus Ball, vineyards, Kosovo